Creepy Halloween Plants?

Is this ghost orchid creepy?
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Can plants be creepy? Okay, there’s the horror film version of giant, man-eating flowers, like in Little Shop of Horrors. But what about in real life?

I got a newsletter from Garden Design magazine the other day, inviting me to view a slideshow of “creepy, Halloween-ready plants” on their website, so of course I had to click through and see what was there.

The verdict? Not so creepy. Continue reading

Halloween: How to Plant a Succulent-Topped Pumpkin

Today’s Halloween decorating idea comes from the YouTube channel of talented garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin, who is an expert on succulent plants.

Take a look for yourself, and then go out and create an amazingly beautiful Halloween pumpkin for your own front porch!

There’s also a beautifully photographed, step-by-step tutorial on creating such arrangements on the Gossip in the Garden blog, written by garden designer and author Rebecca Sweet — please click through to visit this page!