New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners – Why Not Wait Until Springtime? quick search online just yielded hundreds of results for the phrase “new year’s resolutions.” Many of them were articles in a format I just abhor – lists of tips, most of which are neither helpful nor practical; many of which are downright laughable.

But my favorite, if only because it was that rare fresh take on the topic, was an article from Times of India that came up near the top of the search results. I got a kick out of the fact it took a decidedly pessimistic tone. It said:

“Thinking of starting all over again with the turn of the New Year? Don’t bother because making resolutions is a near pointless exercise, psychologists have clarified.”

Here’s what I think: the part that’s pointless is pegging the desire for change to a somewhat meaningless date on the calendar, in this case January first. Continue reading