I first saw instructions for this project on The Artful Parent blog and thought it was incredibly clever — and I can’t believe that I never saw a similar ice wreath during all the frigid winters I spent on the Great Lakes. If I lived in a cold climate at the moment, I’d be gathering together all the materials I needed to make my own ice wreath, and figuring out where to hang it.

ice wreath

photo courtesy of Jean Van’t Hul at The Artful Parent blog; used with permission

Ice wreaths are made by layering red berries, crab apples, evergreen boughs, herbs, and other colorful natural objects in a fluted Bundt pan, adding water, and then setting outside to freeze. Dipping the bottom of the pan in a sink full of hot water will loosen the ice enough that you’ll be able to tip the wreath out of the pan. In this example, the ribbon hanger is frozen right into the wreath, but you can see an idea for another type of hanger — and an exceptionally beautiful ice wreath — by clicking through to the Resurrection Fern blog. Definitely take a look at that photo; it will inspire you!

Of course, if you live in a milder climate, you could use your freezer to create a wreath for a special occasion, and treat it as one of those ice sculptures that caterers are so fond of, even though they only last a day.

For complete instructions and many inspirational photos of ice wreaths, visit these sites:


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