M-brace product shotThere’s a product on BluestoneGarden that’s caught my fancy, even though I’ve never personally used it. It’s called the M-brace, and it’s a set of four corner brackets that can be used to build a raised garden bed of any size in just minutes. I not only love the ease and functionality of this product, but I but absolutely adore the way it turns a raised bed into garden art, with whimsical cut-out designs. I know that raised beds are often used for functional areas of the yard, like vegetable gardens and cutting gardens, but I’m always a fan of yard art.

It also occurs to me that the M-brace is a great way to give a raised bed as a gift this holiday season. The four corner brackets come in a square box that would wrap up nicely with paper and ribbon, and the recipient wouldn’t have to work very hard at all to assemble a raised bed that will be a beautiful addition to the garden in spring.

M-brace raised beds

With M-Brace, you use only the included corner braces – you don’t need nails, screws, or other hardware, and you don’t even need a hammer, drill, or screwdriver. Simply decide on the dimensions of your raised bed, and have your lumber cut to the proper length at a building supply store. The inside of each brace has a raised channel where you slide your cut-to-size lumber to form the four sides of the bed. This system allows you to customize your raised beds to any site and any size, up to 12 feet on each side.

M-brace interior viewYou can use M-Brace with any 2″ lumber (2×4, 2×6, 2×10, etc.) The width of the boards you choose determines the depth of your bed. For example, using three 2×4s will give you a depth of 10.5 inches. Your raised beds can either be square or rectangular, depending on the location where you’ll place them.

There’s also a mini M-brace that’s finished in bright colors and is perfect for a child’s first garden, or even a sandbox.

To find out more about the M-Brace, view the product video, and see all the laser-cut designs visit our retail store at www.bluestonegarden.com!


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